Posted by: ithacaisdoomed | September 19, 2009

Get Petrofriki with it!

     My name is Glen and I am a Doomer.   What does it mean to be a doomer?  According to the Wikipedia entry, “A Doomer is a peakist (one who has peak oil related concerns that oil depletion will lead to a severe economic recession or another Great Depression) that also believes that a Malthusian Catastrophe will inevitably follow. Doomers attribute their beliefs to humanity’s over reliance on petroleum for agricultural and industrial productivity. Many doomers are also survivalists.”  I have also seen the term “Peaknik” used.  For now, I prefer the Spanish term “petrofriki,” just because of how awesome it sounds.

     Being a Doomer is both an intellectual and spiritual condition.  I have been this way for as long as I can remember, obsessed with apocalypse, worried about impending ecological catastrophes, and generally pessimistic.  This all pervasive pessimism has had a profound influence on my life, causing me to delay becoming a parent, among other effects.  I have really only just begun to identify as a Doomer.  This blog is my coming out of the closet (or underground bunker), so to speak.   Having learned that there are other Doomers out there has given me a sort of peace about the whole thing, a  “grand unified theory” for my own life and mental condition.  Hell, maybe soon there will even be a “Doomer” mental disorder listed in the DSM IV.

    In this blog I will explore various doom related topics, focusing at times on the “doom” of my hometown, Ithaca, New York.  I also want to explore the effects being a Doomer has on being a parent, or vice versa, as is often the case.  My antidote to the pessimism of being a Doomer is to reject all those nasty hobgoblins of society that I perceive as destroying the world, and by extension, my own life.  In my family, we refer to this as “deschooling, unjobing, and rewilding” our lives.  While being a Doomer often feels like a heavy burden, it also carries with it a paradoxical sense of optimism and adventure.  In fact, I wouldn’t trade being a Doomer for anything, except maybe to save the world.



  1. Hi Glen —

    Welcome “out” 😉

    If you are interested in the intellectual side of these issues, I would recommend a series of essays to you that a friend of mine wrote a few years back. They explore the full history of how things got this way… and in the end offer, IMO, a very optimistic view of the future… a post civilizational future.

    You can find them at:

    Meanwhile, I’ve been writing about my own foraging, exploring and efforts to change the way I interact with the world on all kinds of levels…. stop by if you like.


    • Hey thanks for stopping by! I will definitely check out your friend’s stuff and your own. I devour peak oil, anti-civ stuff for breakfast. I’m a lazy blogger, but I will start updating weekly this week. Eventually, I’d like to run “doomer” candidates in local elections, just to get these issues out there. Thanks, Glen

      • hmmm…. for some reason there’s no link for me on there… find me at

        I’ll be keeping an eye for more blogs from you 😉


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