Posted by: ithacaisdoomed | January 7, 2010

The Ithaca is Doomed Person of the Decade!

In choosing a man or woman who could represent the entire first decade of the 21st Century, it was important to look beyond national borders.  It was also important to look for someone who represents the broader trends that have shaped this uneasy time.  With those thoughts in mind, the choice became blatantly obvious… 

The Ithaca is Doomed Person of the Decade is (drum roll please) THE UBIQUITOUS RIOT POLICE PERSON! 

A predominantly male dominated profession, the job of riot police knows no national identity.  Representing the last grasp at dominance of dying empires worldwide, the UBIQUITOUS RIOT POLICE PERSON has been everywhere this past decade.  Starting from the WTO riots in Seattle back in 1999 and continuing to just last month in Iran, the image of the jack booted thug is burned into the retinas of anyone who lawfully or unlawfully assembled to protest wars, global hegemony of elites, and oppressive regimes. 

Over the past decade, we have seen him, and sometimes her 

In progressive Western countries, women can oppress their fellow citizens too.

glowering, like an ominous, psychedelic Mickey Mouse in Tbilisi, Georgia 


beating, unarmed citizens in Iran, 

"You look like you might like Moussavi!"

oppressing his fellow snowmen in some anonymous park, 

"I don't care what you think about Global Warming, you're blocking traffic!"

or even turning the latest high-tech, crowd dispersing, ear-splitting weaponry on his fellow citizens in the good ol’ USA, 

"If you weren't already are now!"

the Ubiquitous Riot Police Person has been anywhere the action is…and I suspect we’ll be seeing a lot more of him, or her, in the next decade too.  Though I prefer to see him, or her, like this 

"Who touched my balls!"

or better this. 

Create your own Burning Man!

Congratulations Ubiquitous Riot Police Person!  See you out at the Front Lines!

Reminder:  Ithaca is Doomed is updated every Thursday morning!



  1. I’m reading this “toast” and hearing the beer commercials… you know… “mr bald, shaved head man” or whatever…………. tee hee…….


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