Posted by: ithacaisdoomed | February 20, 2010

Fear of February

First off, this isn’t really a post, because a post has a certain level of quality and this will not have any of that.  It’s basically just to say, “I live and I’ll be back.”  I know I keep saying that, but I suffer from the terrible Curse of February right now.  For the past several years, February has been a cursed month.  Two years ago, I lost my beloved cat of 15 years in February.  I also got this weird stomach illness and had to go to the hospital, during a snowstorm, and sit in the waiting room for five hours before finding out there wasn’t anything wrong.  This year, I and the other two members of my family,have been sick for the past three weeks.  February just sucks.  But there was also a child recently born into my extended family, so I don’t want to bad mouth her birth month too much.  I’m actually looking forward to meeting her, once I get out of quarantine.  Well, I was going to post yesterday morning, but I decided to go shovel my brother–in-law’s driveway and sidewalk instead, so as to make way for their new baby.  That’s my excuse…and I’m sticking by it.  The lesson being, remain consistent, and go do something nice for someone.  I’ll see you, dear reader, on Wednesday.



  1. It’s a good thing February is the shortest month of the year! I hope you feel better soon, fella, ’cause I’m loving this blog!
    Your friend,

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