Posted by: ithacaisdoomed | June 7, 2010

Ithaca is Doomed does the Ithaca Festival

Every year, it happens, a celebration of all things Ithaca–The Ithaca Festival is three days of fun and music kicked off by the best parade in small town America.  Being the Doomer I am, I saw the darker side of things when I covered this year’s Ithaca Festival.  Here’s a photo essay:

Street performers enact a scene from Cormac McArthy's, "The Road--The Musical" coming to the Hangar Theater

Estrogen in the water supply? My hypothesis proven once again...

"I find your lack of faith disturbing..."

An Ithacan who realizes you can never store away too many plastic bags for when TSHTF

"Nice marmot."

Just as I predicted, the Volvo Ballet took on decidedly Maoist overtones with the acquisition of Volvo by a Chinese company...

These women belong to the Roller Skating Ministry of Interrogation. One of them is named "Chairman Meow!"

A sculptor celebrated the BP oil spill...

A proud Ithacan exploring the future of winter transportation...

Many found the Ithaca Police Department's Mobile Command Center "disturbing." At least we'll be safe if anyone ever tries to throw shoes at the Mayor again...

Ahhh! It's the truck from THE ROAD!!!!!!

Chainsaw wielding Cannibal Rednecks!

Hee Haw Nightmare--What happens when you give Cannibal Rednecks musical intruments...



  1. When all you have is the “hammer” of being a doomster, everything really DOES look like a nail.

    The Road was the most depressing (fictional?) movie I have ever seen.

    Great post and your perspective has started off my week with some laughs… Thanks.

  2. I have to create humor out of “The Road” just to deal with the reality of having read/watched it:)

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