About Ithaca is Doomed

Do you suffer from a sense of all pervasive pessimism about the future of humanity?  Do you take solace from the expression “Nature bats last?”  These are the adventures of a Doomer family seeking to “deschool, unjob, and rewild” their lives.  We live just outside of Ithaca, in the lovely Finger Lakes region of New York.  While it is said that “Ithaca is Gorges,”  Ithaca is also definitely DOOMED.  (Ithaca is Doomed is currently updated most Saturday mornings.)



  1. Is arrived to your website via Kunstler. Exactly how is Ithaca doomed?

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog! Why is Ithaca doomed? Cannibal rednecks, deer overpopulation, hydrofracking, grandstanding liberals who are all talk and no substance, invasive species, feral pitbulls…take your pick!

  3. just came across u via kunstler. since u’re relatively close to me, this quick reply. u used the phrase ‘nature bats last’, but don’t list that ‘doomer’ blog of guy mcpherson among your favorites. why not?

    no time now to give your blog a proper perusal, maybe later. always nice to come across a fellow ‘doomer’ in or near the ‘hood.

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